Whats The Point Of Trying…..Again?

Whats the Point of Trying

This month I am focusing on some of the things we say to ourselves that hold us back from achieving success in our health goals. When people talk about their weight loss, it is often in the most certain of terms. They tend to use statements and speak to and about themselves as FACT! Examples include “I am ….lazy, worthless, useless…” etc. Can you relate? When you talk to and about yourself, do you say it like it is the ABSOLUTE truth? Is there any room for error? What if you are not any of those things? Whats the point of trying?………again!


One of the most common things I hear is “I know I won’t stick to it so what’s the point?”. This is one of the worst because it stops you in your tracks before you even get out of the gate! How many times has this stopped you from even taking a first step to creating your health goals? The trouble is when we tell ourselves there is ‘no point’, we are giving up our power! It lets us off the hook because all of a sudden we don’t have to try anymore. This is a self defense mechanism really because it protects us from the hurt of letting ourselves down yet again!


How many diets and fitness plans have you started and given up on because you felt there was no point? This kind of thinking can be found in a lot of serial dieters and you may find it in other areas of your life too.


  • I’ll never have nice legs so what’s the point?
  • I’ll never look like so and so so why put all the work in if I can’t have the body I want?
  • As soon as there is a party I’ll mess up my diet so I might as well just give in now.
  • I’ve never won anything so I won’t bother to put myself in for that promotion.


When you use language like this on a consistent basis, you start to create your own reality. If you never put yourself out there and try then it is the surest way to never get what you want in life and from your health! You are in essence setting yourself up for failure.


If you frequently engage in this kind of self-talk then it is more than likely holding you back from achieving anything! Here are a few ways to make it stop!


  • Catch yourself in the moment. Start to notice when you say it, around what circumstances and how often! If you start to notice that you do it to yourself about a lot of things, several times a day then start making a note of this!
  • When you catch yourself doing this, follow the thought to the last conclusion. Question it’s truth! Ask yourself: is this really true? Will I really not stick to this? What will happen if I don’t? What will happen if I do?
  • Don’t let yourself dismiss the thought. Grab onto it for dear life and after you question it to the bitter end then give it a place to go! Tell yourself that this no longer serves you.
  • Create a plan of action that won’t let you down! This is golden. If you want different results you have to think and do differently. It is that simple! If diets and fitness plans haven’t worked for you in the past then you need to figure out what it is about them that doesn’t suit you and how you can get to the bottom of what will. This is so important. Finding the right thing for you will save you so much time, energy and money!
  • Understand that you can absolutely achieve your health goals and YES you KNOW it will be more than worth it. So next time you say “what’s the point?”, respond with “THAT is the point”! You have to know what it will mean to you to succeed so you can say it to yourself when you feel like you aren’t worth the effort! You ARE!



So next time you catch yourself using the negative self-talk that is keeping you stuck in the diet cycle, be armed, be ready and be prepared to fight back! You will be surprised how quickly this kind of thinking can disperse if you meet it head on! This is absolutely a fight you can win, and if winning it means you get your health back then isn’t that worth it?


I’d love to hear more about what recurring thoughts you struggle with on your weight loss journey so comment below or drop me a message!


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