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Welcome to The Full Bodied Evolution Podcast for people who LOVE food and loathe Exercise!

I’m Marnie Wynne your host and I am a certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Advisor, Life Coach and chef. I am an anti diet, body positive mind and body transformation coach.

I help food lovers and exercise loathers to build their dream healthy lifestyle and reach their health goals without faddy diets or fitness fads.

This podcast is about making a life transformation, getting what you want for your health. I want to show you how you can start to build that dream lifestyle through changing your approach, your mindset, habits and behaviours.

This is for anyone who is looking to create their best future self in a lasting and sustainable way.

There is SO much more to achieving any health goal than just what you eat and how you exercise and in this podcast I am going to be exploring the relationship we have with ourselves, habits that are keeping us stuck in a health rut, why we hate exercise and how we can build a strong relationship with it.

Learn to build an amazing relationship with food, fitness and most importantly, with yourself!

Sneak Peeks Of Episodes 1-5

Episode 5

How Unmet Needs Impact Your Weight and Lifestyle

We don’t often consider our unmet needs and how we tend to focus on what’s on our plate or what exercise we’re doing. If we’re not looking at the other areas of our life that are contributing to our weight gain or preventing us from losing weight, then we’re going to have a lot of trouble when it comes to trying to figure out why we’re stuck, what’s keeping us there and how are our weight is going to impact our lifestyle.

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