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What is the Full-Bodied Evolution?

The Full-Bodied Evolution is a virtual coaching program that provides you with all the tools you need to make lasting change towards a happier healthier you. Monthly membership gives you access to the signature Full Bodied Evolution twelve part program, all supporting materials (recipes, workout inspiration, bonus printables etc) and the FBE community group. Group coaching and one-on-one coaching packages are also available where I walk you through the twelve part program at your own pace with twelve coaching calls, either as part of a group or one-on-one. These packages also include lifetime membership to all online resources, as well as twelve weeks WhatsApp support!

The program also provides an amazing community space where you can learn everything you need to lose weight and keep it off! I created it because when I was trying to lose weight I wished there was one place to go where you could learn everything you need to know to change your life and be consistent along with having amazing support and community!


There are NO DIETS, NO FADS just good old fashioned fun! Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard. We are ALL about having fun! Weight loss is a journey! This is a MINDSET HEAVY approach to weight loss, and is a space where you learn to create your OWN healthy lifestyle that works for you so you can lose weight without it ruining your life!


I spent my whole life being the ‘fat one’ and dieting. Hating exercise and generally not being able to lose weight. I created this membership for all those people like I was: overweight, fed up of diets and just want to live a normal, happy and healthy lifestyle that you love! I didn’t want my son to grow up in a house that was all about weight loss and I wanted to be healthy for him!


This is an incredibly well-rounded program dedicated to all aspects of weight loss. The mental, emotional AND physical.

Inside the amazing Membership Club you will find:


  • My signature twelve part mindset program where we learn all the secret ingredients for lasting weight loss. You will also learn to repair your relationship to food, fitness and your self!
  • The program teaches you how to be healthy without counting calories, logging, weighing or measuring your food!
  • The basics of good nutrition is also covered – video tutorials and masterclasses that teach you everything you need to know about your nutrition along with supporting materials. There are absolutely NO diets here. No pills and shakes and no cutting out food groups!
  • There are NO meal plans provided because I teach you how to eat without needing to stick to specific and restrictive schedules! Enjoy your food anytime, anywhere and learn to make the best decisions for YOU without it taking huge emotional energy to do so!

You also get:


  • Cooking tutorials
  • Recipe videos that are all printable
  • Fitness video tutorials where I show you how to start from scratch and create a healthy relationship with exercise.
  • This program is designed to meet you exactly where you are and walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a lasting and consistent relationship with exercise!



  • Workout inspiration to meet you where you are in your fitness journey – I have designed this material so you don’t need equipment and you can do them in the comfort of your own home or even outdoors.
  • All the membership videos are supported with beautiful, fun, simple and step-by step workbooks, checklists and printables to help you track your journey!
  • There is an amazing Private Facebook Group full of like-minded people dedicated to changing their lives together!
  • Weekly LIVE check in’s with ME where I answer all your questions and guide you through the process to make it as easy as it can be! I support you fully throughout your amazing journey so you are never alone.
  • New content is added regularly and existing content is kept updated!

How much does it cost?


All of this costs just $27.00 a month which is cheaper than a meal out! You can quit at any time! This subscription allows you to work through my twelve part program at your own pace, and also gives you access to a wealth of other supporting materials that I add to all the time. If you would prefer to be guided through the program I also offer both group coaching and one-on-one coaching packages. These are twelve week coaching packages where I help walk you through the key aspects of my program either as part of a group or one-on-one. During these coaching calls we also discuss health aspects that are important to you, and get to the bottom of any deep rooted problems that you may have. The great thing about both these packages is, along with the twelve coaching calls, you also get lifetime access to the members club, together with twelve weeks of Whatsapp support! You really will never be alone in your journey! To find out more about how I work with you click here.


…..and remember, you don’t need to travel to the gym, spend on an expensive gym membership or equipment, and you get more advice on nutrition and fitness than you get with an average gym membership! BUT the decision to invest in yourself has to be up to YOU! So read on to find out more…..

How do you know its right for you?


Well there is nothing like this out there. It is made by me who has actually been overweight and understands the struggles. I have been where you are! On top of my own personal experience I am highly qualified and combine all my skills to create a true full-bodied approach!


If you aren’t sure if this is right for you then let me ask you this:


  • How long have you been trying and struggling for?
  • Is what you are doing working long term or do you keep putting the weight back on?
  • Are you happy with your lifestyle how you are creating it?
  • What would it mean to you to change your life and lose the weight once and for all?
  • Can you give yourself this amazing chance?


If you really want things to change, you have to do it from the inside out whilst at the same time learning the basics of good nutrition and exercise. This is the program that literally takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through the process of creating the life that you want.

Who is this NOT suitable for?


  • If you have any medical conditions that require special diet (unless you consult your doctor first of course!).
  • If you are on keto, paleo or any other diet then this programme is not for you. This is about creating healthy weight loss in a sustainable and lasting way.
  • If you are looking to lose weight fast no matter how you get there then this is also not for you.
  • If you want to change your body but aren’t interested in doing the inner work this wont be for you because this is about changing our lives in a robust and lasting way.
  • If you are looking for meal plans that teach you how to count your macros and tell you what to eat and when then this is not the membership for you. This is about learning how to trust yourself to make your OWN choices and decisions around food.
  • If you aren’t 100% committed to creating a life you love.

The Full-Bodied Evolution Podcast

If you are unsure whether the Full-Bodied Evolution program is for you then why not subscribe to my podcast to see if we are a good fit? You can check it out on all major Podcast hosing services including both Apple Podcasts and Spotify! Weekly episodes come out every Wednesday, but if you want to find out more with only one click, you can listen to my show trailer right here!