Question and Answer Session

Question and Answer Session 1

Thank you to everyone who commented or sent me a question relating to last weeks blog on exercise! It was so great to hear your comments and feedback! I love answering your questions so please keep them coming! Here is a great one I had and I think it is one that will resonate with a lot of people.


“ I find it daunting to commit to exercise and challenging to actually do it. I am a single mum to a 13 month old and I work full time.”


Finding what you actually want to achieve with exercise is a really important step to committing to it fully. For example finding smaller and more specific goals than say ‘fat loss’ is really important. In my case I know I want to lose weight but I also want to be stronger, gain my fitness and core strength back and improve my posture. Committing to doing aerobics five days a week isn’t going to get me those things. So I have a rule of three.


Pick 3 small health goals you want to achieve such as improving posture, gaining overall core strength and getting a bit of general fitness back.


Now I know that there are three main exercises I can do to achieve these goals in a super short space of time. I also know I can fit them in throughout the day with only a few minutes here and there. For me this would be a squat (works legs, thighs, bum and mum tum), a bent over row (works my back and core and improves my posture) and getting my steps in (upping my day to day activity for my overall fitness).


The point here is that I know these exercises are super specific to my goals, no matter what other exercise I miss out on during the week, as long as I do these three times a week that they will bring me towards my goal.


Make them your non-negotiables.


When time is short I literally stand in my kitchen and get my squats in while I’m cooking. You can absolutely get to your goal by starting out like this. I also do pushups on my countertop whenever I think of it.


If this is too much then you can pick just one of your non-negotiables to do each day and rotate throughout the week.


For example squat on Monday, row on Tuesday and push-ups on Wednesday and then repeat.


Whatever your strategy is, it has to work for you in order for you to be able to commit to it and make it a priority.


When you know exactly what you are going to do, when and how you are going to do it and why then committing is a lot less daunting and making exercise a priority is less stressful.


If you can spare 10, 20, 30 minutes in one chunk then again it is important to try to plan what you are going to do specifically to get you to your goals. If you can’t find a chunk of time I would also ask yourself if there is anything you do throughout the day that doesn’t have to be so high on your priority list? Is there something you can bump to make time for your new priority exercises? What length of time can you really commit to and how often?


It’s YOUR body, it’s YOUR time and it’s YOUR workout! Make the most of it and your results will follow.


I hope these tips are useful and as always I love to hear your comments. Keep the questions coming as I love to hear what you are struggling with so I can answer you!


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