New Year, New Mindset!

Happy 2019!! I wanted to wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year! I want this one to be your best and I really want to help you to achieve your health goals! I am all about keeping things simple and user-friendly because the complicated stuff gets overwhelming. I used to spend hours a day logging everything I ate, counting every calorie and obsessing over food. It wasn’t healthy for me and if you are reading this then I am guessing you know something needs to change!


There are so many ways to stop obsessing over food and your body but lasting change takes time! If you are trying to stop dieting and want to learn a way to live your life without constant restriction and misery then most of the shifts you must make are mindset related!


We pick up so many diet mindsets without even realizing it and these are damaging to your progress. Some of the worst include but are not limited to:


The all-or-nothing mindset:


If you aren’t eating everything perfectly and finding the perfect workout then you might as well not bother……. If you fall off your ‘diet’ then everything has failed.….. This is one of the hardest to break but in order to learn to stop dieting this has to be worked on.


Limiting beliefs caused by failed diets:


  • I’ll never lose the weight because I am too greedy.
  • I have never had the body I want so maybe I am not supposed to be thin.
  • I’m too old to change now.
  • I can’t stick to anything so what’s the point.


You have to start to unpick the truth. It is not you that failed on the diet but the diet that has failed YOU!


Being thin will bring happiness:


  • I’ll do xyz once I lose the weight.
  • Nobody likes me because of my weight.
  • I am miserable because I’m fat.


Remember that losing weight doesn’t erase your problems overnight! It won’t make your job better or make your boss a nicer person! You can deal with other life issues at the same time as losing the weight if you aren’t spending all your energy doing a plan that doesn’t work with your lifestyle!


I am sure you can add many of your own to this list but the essence of the problem is still the same. Diets can cause more problems for a lot of people than they solve! What does work is to find what really works for you and go at it with a feeling that you KNOW you can’t fail! That is what NOT dieting looks like!


So if you are looking to break free of the diet cycle and find what truly works for you then stick around! I am going to be breaking things down for you over the coming few months to get you off to a great start! I hope you are as excited as I am to find out what will work for you and your lifestyle so you can stick to it forever!


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