My Story

I am a Mind and Body Transformation Coach and Founder of The Full-Bodied Evolution Virtual Coaching Membership Club!

You can see all my qualifications below however what REALLY qualifies me above and beyond all of that learning is that I have struggled with my own weight for most of my life. As a personal trainer I know what it feels like when you can’t do a certain exercise, as a chef I know what it feels like to love food and want to eat like a normal person, as a mom I know what its like to want to be healthier for your kids and as someone who struggled with weight, I know what its like to feel lost and like your body has let you down.

You see I have been there. I hit my goal weight a few times in my life but couldn’t sustain it so I ended up right back where I was plus 10lbs each time!

It doesn’t matter what health and fitness plan you do if you can’t stick to it then results will be fleeting. I specialize in mindset for weight loss because I know it to be the single most important thing you can do in order to change the way you approach it!

Even after I became a personal trainer, nutritional advisor and life coach I STILL didn’t have a good relationship with food, fitness and myself. I needed to lose the weight that wasn’t on my body! The emotional stuff. You can have all the tools in the world but if you don’t work on that stuff then nothing will work. Even when I knew better I couldn’t do better.

I tried every diet out there, even the ones that claim not to be diets! Even the ones that claim to be a ‘lifestyle approach’. It wasn’t until I learned how to lose all the habits that were keeping me stuck that my life truly started to change.

It is my life mission to help people to break the diet cycle, and teach a balanced approach to food and fitness. I help people to create a lifestyle that they love based on where they are right now.

For me weight loss has been a process of evolving as you lose the weight. It is about growth and self-development as much as anything else.

It is this that forms the essence of my work and I am sharing it with you in my free course!

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Personal trainer

Circuits instructor, kettlebells instructor, strength and conditioning coach, pre and post natal certified.

Nutritional advisor specializing in sports nutrition, pre and post natal nutrition, childhood obesity, weight loss

Life coach

Trained Chef

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