How to Spring Forward

How to Spring Forward

I LOVE spring! For me it carries much more weight than January when it comes to making healthy goals. It is full of possibility. The bad weather is behind you and you can start to come out of your Netflix nest! The stress of winter and long dark months is leaving. It is TIME to get your head into the right space for summer! Yes Summer! It is right around the corner and this year YOU are going to be ready for it! Using spring as the motivation to get started is great but summer should never be your end game! Get started now to get healthy for the rest of your life and not just for a single time of year. I want you to feel good about yourself all year round! With that said:


It can be a bit difficult to come out of your winter hibernation and get going. This is especially if the weather is still a bit too cold for anything else and you aren’t quite ready to get started. I have put together a few of my top tips for you so that you can spring forward!




Make this a priority. Winter makes us tired, we eat heavier food, we are more sedentary and it is depressing knowing that we already failed at our January goals. Now is the time to really forgive yourself. It is time to move on and not drag the feeling of failure around with you. Learn to let go of this feeling. It won’t serve you here and it will also hold you back.




Whatever you tried in January DON’T REPEAT the same mistake. Plan properly for your healthy new lifestyle. Make sure you set realistic goals to be achieved in short spaces of time. For example you can plan to lose a dress size in 3 months but then plan some strength goals or agility goals around this. Plan for more than just fat loss. What else do you want to get from your workout? Where do you want to be in 1 month, 2 months. How will you achieve this? What steps can you take to get you there?


Find balance:


Finding balance in your workouts, nutrition and lifestyle is the most important step you can take here. Committing to eat the things you like and learning what works for you is such an important step. Commit to repairing your relationship with food and cooking things you LIKE. It is essential if you are to make your changes stick! Committing to finding exercise you like and discovering what balance looks like for you will make the difference between finding success now or waiting for a few months before you succeed. Give yourself permission and time to really find your balance.


Give yourself permission to succeed:


There are always things that hold us back from our goals but this one really takes the biscuit! So many of my clients struggle with self-belief, feelings of not being worthy or deserving of a happy, healthy life. Maybe weight loss hasn’t worked out for you in the past but it doesn’t mean that with the proper planning and guidance that it won’t work this time. Start to believe you can have the healthy lifestyle you want. Don’t go into another fad knowing already that you might not make it through the month. Create a plan for yourself that you can believe in!


Adjust your Mindset:


Go into your spring with the intention of making lifestyle changes. As I said above, it is best not to think of this as an intense sprint till summer! That mindset will cause you to burn out and take on extreme measures to lose the weight FAST! Fast isn’t the best focus. Forever is! Focus on forever!


Whatever your health goals are, it is important to take the time to carefully make a plan that will work for YOU. Try not to get sucked into all the faddy spring diets. This time WILL be different if you let it. Give yourself the time and space to create a kick ass plan that will change your life!


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