How To Grow Your Self-Belief

How to Grow your Self Belief

Self-belief is one of the most important ingredients that you need in order to successfully get the healthy lifestyle you’ve been craving.


Self-belief is like a muscle. You need to use it or you lose it! The more you use it, the stronger it gets. The trouble is, it can be elusive, especially if we have stopped using it due to not challenging ourselves enough. Some people have buckets of it in one area of their lives and none in another area. For example we can be sure of our performance at work, we know we are awesome at our work and that we are respected for it however, when it comes to our lifestyles and creating the healthy life we want, we can struggle to do anything about it!


When it comes to our health, nurturing self-belief is crucial to mastering our goals. Have you ever started a diet that couldn’t fail you and deep down had that nagging feeling of knowing it wasn’t going to last? Diets erode our self-belief bit by bit, and if you have been on a few then you have likely provided yourself ‘proof’ that you lack willpower, you can’t stick to anything and you will ‘never’ have the body you always wanted.


Over and over again you are encouraged to believe that it is YOU that has failed yourself and not the DIET that has failed you!


There are a multitude of reasons why diets have failed you in the past and will continue to fail you in the future. When you are looking to nurture your self-belief you have to rip off the band aid and look back at WHY all your attempts have failed. You will quickly realize it’s not actually your fault that previous attempts didn’t work. The best way to nurture your self-belief is to set the right goals and work towards them at a pace that you can grow with.


Taking on one healthy habit at a time and working on only that habit allows you to actually succeed at something every day. Bit by bit your self-belief grows until you can actually feel yourself believing in your ability to get to where you want to be. You build up your confidence at succeeding and start to feel like you can take on more and more.


Suddenly what starts to happen is a cycle of success rather than failure!


Can you see how much further that could get you in the long run?


Nurturing our self-belief also comes from challenging ourselves. When it comes to our fitness and nutrition, these challenges can be scaled and designed to grow our belief and not destroy it. The goals you set should be tailored to your own personal needs so that you are more inclined to stick to them. They should be achievable and based on where you are right now and not where you wish you were. For example if you lead a sedentary life then deciding to exercise 5 times per week can be a self sabotaging goal for you. If however you take on what you can realistically manage such as a 20 minute walk 3x per week then this is a much safer place to start.


Imagine how much more you would be able to take on once you knew you already achieved the smaller version of the exercise goal!


This month I am going to be talking all about setting nutritional goals and how to scale them to suit your needs, meet you where you are and grow your self-belief around your food!


What do you struggle with the most when you are setting your nutritional goals?


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