Healthy Habit Hacks For A Super Busy Week

Healthy Habit Hacks for a Super Busy Week

There are those extra busy times of year where, when you look back at it, you wonder how you held it all together. Then there are those WEEKS within those busy times where you literally feel like your healthy progress has been ripped out of your grasp. Sometimes you see them coming and sometimes you don’t!


Suddenly you are scrabbling just to get food on the table (no matter what it is) and everything just falls apart. Your healthy efforts just don’t seem to be possible right now. You decide in that moment ‘stuff this whole healthy lifestyle thing. It only makes my life harder! NOT better!’ Can you relate?


If you can then you are certainly not alone and the good news is there is always a way round a week like this. There are choices that we make over and over that have created our reality. They, in essence, make our body and our health what it is. If you want to change your health then you have to learn how to THINK differently in your moments of chaos and panic if you want to get a different result.


A printable workbook accompanies this blog which has been designed to help you though this process. This can be found within the wealth of materials that form the content of The Full-Bodied Evolution Members Club.


Here are my top 5 healthy habit hacks for a busy week:


1. Think about what you CAN do and not what you can’t


Focusing on what you CAN do programmes you to overcome obstacles. If you start a busy week thinking ‘I don’t know how to get through this one. I just don’t have time to exercise or eat well, I’ll start over next week’ then you have obviously given up before you started. I’m guessing you have been through that thought process a thousand times. Did it earn you the results you wanted? NO!


Instead, think about what would happen if you thought:


‘Wow this week is going to be crazy busy, what CAN I do to keep my healthy habits ticking along so I don’t undo all my progress’.


Which one is likely to yield better results?


2. Look ahead


It is likely that you know why your week is going to be busy. You already know you have that appointment where your healthy grocery shopping would be and your work dinner where you would normally go to the gym. The fact is if you can see what is coming then you can pick off the problems one by one and find a solution. Maybe not to all but to some. Suddenly it is a lot less stressful because you have taken control. So look ahead, which busy things are bothering the most and what CAN you do about them?


3. Don’t dread the week before it starts!


When you start the week with that sinking feeling of dread then everything becomes harder. Every little thing that crops up will bother you more than it normally would and you will deal with it from a reactive position rather than a problem solving one. Planning ahead, taking control and finding solutions will really help you with this. Suddenly the burden of the week becomes a little lighter.


4. Set a priority goal


If all else fails and your week is going to pieces have a priority area you need to work on. Sometimes something has to give! Whenever I am really beyond busy or just not feeling well then I pick one area to focus on. For me that is usually my nutrition. If you are going to miss your exercise that week then knowing how you are going to eat your best is the difference between feeling like all is lost or like you did a good job. For example if you wont have time to cook healthily then order take out! But decide on what good choices you can make with it at the start of the week. Perhaps you do an online grocery drop of healthy food so you know you have easy and good choices easily available to you. Your priority goal can be mindset, fitness or self-care related too! Pick the area that is likely to suffer the most!


5. Have some self-compassion


Life gets in the way sometimes and that’s ok. Learning how to predict and plan is all part of learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle. It takes time to get yourself into the habit of thinking in this way and overcoming mental barriers to your health goals. It’s OK not to get it perfect every time! Understand what happened, where you could have made different choices and then move on! Your week is busy enough without dragging the baggage of guilt around with you!


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