How To Get Back On Track With Your Weight Loss

How to get back on track with your weight loss

For the most part my return to health is really paying off, I am getting back on track and I am already seeing results. Almost two months in and a lot has changed. I am exercising more and eating better. But it is not a bed of roses. Some days I don’t get it all right. The difference for me now is how I deal with these days where I don’t follow up with my own plans. Now I know HOW to move forward it makes everything so much easier.


This weekend I skipped breakfast, had a small lunch and then a perfectly healthy and balanced dinner of a normal portion size. I was still hungry after dinner because I had gone against my own golden rule! I skipped meals. To get that energy back I would have had to eat a double portion of that lovely healthy supper in order to achieve an energy balance that worked for me. Its no wonder that my efforts at creating this beautiful dinner went against me because I had not set myself up for success.


The fallout was that I felt bad for putting effort into making this amazing meal only to still feel hungry after, I was annoyed with myself for not eating enough to support my new habit, and I was frustrated that I had to put in twice the work in order to fix the problem. I had to go back into the kitchen and create another small meal which threw off my evening (I wanted to watch Billions). By the time I sat down and was satisfied a lot of time had been wasted. All of which could easily have been avoided!


But then I realized that this set back was awesome! The best thing that could have happened to me at that moment. It was the perfect moment to learn something and next time I will think twice before I skip meals! It was a priceless moment.


These little set backs are all part of the journey. They remind us of why that habit is important to us when we can really recognize the impact it has on our life. So next time I don’t feel like eating something before lunch I can remind myself:


  • What will happen if I DON’T?
  • What impact will that have on my day?
  • How will my day look if I DO manage to practice this one of my healthy actions?


Very quickly you can see that its more effort to deal with the fallout than it is to just eat something then and there!


I always advise people to introduce their healthy eating habits slowly because it gives us time to learn from the slip ups which are an essential part of habit forming success!! The more we have early on the faster we learn to deal with them and move on. In essence, they are a good thing! They teach us more than just implementing our healthy habits without a problem.


When you are looking to get healthier, whatever aspect of your health you are working on, it is really helpful to view these off days as bonus learning material! Every one of these days presents a chance to get things right! To do better next time and to learn from and remind us why we are making these changes.


I would love to hear more from you about which healthy habits you are working on right now and why? What gets you stuck in a rut and how do you overcome off days?


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