How To Find Your Starting Point

How to Find Your Starting Point

You’ve decided you want to be healthier, lose weight, overhaul your life. You are sick and tired of being in this unhealthy rut and you can’t wait to begin. You want this time to be different and you aren’t even sure you still have enough belief in yourself to start over with trying to be healthy.


Have you been here?


I have, numerous times in my life. What I have learned however, is that each one of those efforts I had made in the past had started in the wrong place for me!


What do I mean by that? I mean I took the dreadful advice to ‘Just start somewhere’ and whilst in some cases that can be great advice, when it comes to our health I think it is dead wrong. That advice has lead to so many people giving up, failing at their goals and losing hope and self-belief.




Most of us want to get in shape, get fit FAST and just want to ‘get the weight off’ and THEN start to live healthily. The trouble is, those mindsets mean we often bite off far more than we can chew. We try to change all our habits overnight. We decide to diet, to exercise for an hour 7 days a week or just join a class that is supposed to be for beginners but is way above our fitness level so we instantly hate it!


My advice to all my clients is to start where they ARE! Right now in this moment. That means getting clear and honest about your current situation and I’m not just talking about body fat! Your mindset, your obstacles in life, the things that excite you or make you deflated.


The best way to think about it is this: You are in a car and you have a map. You know exactly where you are heading. You can see your destination right there. But you cant plan the best and fastest route because you don’t know exactly where you are. You have no idea which road to take.


Can you see how that can get in the way of your planning? Of you being able to make the right choices for you in a way that you can stick to forever?


So how do we do it? How do we figure all this out?


With your nutrition that means looking at what you are already doing well as well as what you want to change. It means looking at the meals you frequently eat and learning how to enjoy them in a way that will still get you to your goals. It means learning how to shop and make healthy decisions thus developing an understanding of what is currently driving them! There are so many things to get clear on. From there you can plan the perfect and everlasting healthy lifestyle for YOU and nobody else!


With fitness that means assessing where you are. How you feel about it. Do you hate it? Do you have a terrible relationship with your body? DO you believe you aren’t good at it? For example if you think you lack coordination and you have never done any exercise then joining a dance class might not be the confidence booster you need! You have to understand exactly where you are and know exactly what you want in order to design your bespoke healthy lifestyle!


With mindset it means learning how you think, what is driving your choices, what negative emotions do you have towards your body and yourself? Once you can see what is zapping your energy and motivation, you can teach yourself to stay on track by developing resilience! You can be consistent with your health goals I promise! But you have to take an inventory of where you are right now in your mindset. Which ones are keeping you stuck? Where do you always slip up? What is stopping you from getting to your goals!


We also have to take a birds-eye view of your lifestyle to figure out where you are! You have to look at what people or day to day behaviours are making you feel unhealthy. What is your work/life balance like? Is your busy lifestyle presenting a barrier to your health?


This can seem like a long and overwhelming list of things to get clear on and I think that is why so many people shy away from doing the inner work. I get it! Its almost easier to just ‘go on a diet’ until you realise that once again they don’t work. Finding a plan that is based on YOU and works for YOU is key to your lasting success. If you are looking for that silver bullet, the thing that is going to change your life forever then doing this inner work is IT!


I have written a blog post “How to create your Healthy Blueprint” to help you get clear on this, along with another that will help you make this blueprint bulletproof.


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