The Full Bodied Evolution Online Course: Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of Your Free Course


Congratulations for finishing the course! I love that you have taken the time to show up for yourself!


Your to-do list for Part 4 is:


1. Watch the video

2. Make sure you have downloaded the workbook

3. Fill out the Part 4 worksheet in the workbook

4. Get your Present!


“Of all the 4 pillars this one was the hardest for me until I figured out how to do it. After developing my awareness about how I spoke to myself, how I felt after almost everything I did and how I kept quitting on myself I started to see the role that self-compassion plays.


It’s not about letting yourself off the hook every time. It’s about not letting it stop your progress. It’s about not trying to be perfect. It’s about dumping the all-or-nothing approach.


Learning to move on and get right back on the ladder is what is going to grow consistency!


I can’t really describe how light emotionally you can feel when you learn to forgive yourself and move on rather than dwelling on every little thing. Diets and losing weight in restrictive and punishing ways kills our self confidence and we beat ourselves up over and over. It is so exhausting. I had so much more emotional energy once I stopped this cycle of negativity.


If I caught myself being angry and dwelling I just said “You can think about this later” and just got on with my life and then obviously later on I didn’t think of it. Eventually the thoughts stopped coming! Phew I can’t tell you the relief and how much more energy you will have once you start working on this skill!


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