The Full Bodied Evolution Online Course: Part 2

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I thought I was really aware of my eating and fitness habits. After-all I had spent my whole life logging, weighing and measuring food. I knew exactly how many calories were in everything I ate and I exercised hard but infrequently. It wasn’t until I actively started to develop awareness about my RELATIONSHIP to all these things that the needle started to shift.


Instead of being annoyed with myself for being hungry ‘for no reason’, I started to ask myself WHY I was hungry again. I wasn’t eating ENOUGH so of course I was always hungry. The balance was off on my food and I frequently skipped meals in the mornings which lead to me being starving all the time and bingeing on things that didn’t serve my goals later in the day.


With fitness I just hated exercise. So even when I did really well with sticking to it, it was never going to last. I realized I first had to repair my relationship with it.


I realized that you can’t stop your life to lose weight! IT has to be done in a way that evolves with you and your lifestyle. This was such a game changer for me.


I started to develop awareness not just about my relationship with food and fitness but with other things in my life too! Learning to listen to your own body and your emotional needs gives you so much more control over your choices than anything else ever can!”

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