The Full Bodied Evolution Online Course: Part 1

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It never occurred to me that self-belief was something I was lacking. It took a while for me to figure out that whilst I still wanted to lose weight I had lost that trust and faith in myself and my bodys ability to lose weight. I also didn’t have the knowledge at the time to create the healthy lifestyle that I loved. The clues that showed me where it was lacking were all around me.


I had started to dread gatherings because I didn’t trust my ability to control my food and alcohol intake.


I had stopped enjoying eating out


Mealtimes became stressful because I always second guessed myself and what I was eating


I felt like my body was letting me down so I had stopped trusting it along with my hunger and fullness cues


I started each new week with that familiar feeling of dread wondering if I could stick to my plans.


I didn’t feel like I could rely on myself or my body to make the right decisions


These are just some of the clues that I had lost self-belief. In many ways I had given up even though I was still trying.


You can work on your self-belief every single day. Opportunities present themselves all around you to grow and strengthen it. Starting to pay attention to the little things that I could do to make my day better is where it all began!”