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Welcome To The Club!

Welcome welcome welcome!! I am so excited that you are here! I really hope you get the most out of this site and that this is the beginning of a life changing journey for you! Lets get started!!


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Print off and complete the Welcome Questionnaire (click this link)

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Join the members only Private Facebook Group. To do this send me a friend request to my personal facebook page and I will then send you an invite to join the group!

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Once you have done all this click the button below to record your achievement, and remember throughout the program to keep track of your achievements by visiting your achievements page! When you click the button below you will be awarded star points to mark this achievement and then redirected back to the members area Dashboard. If you have already clicked this button you will still be redirected but unfortunately no further star points will be awarded!!

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If you are really ready to get stuck into this then you might feel like starting my Beginners Guide To Walking For Weight Loss – Your Six Week Plan. Starting it now will give you plenty of time to gradually increase your fitness ahead of schedule for Module 12’s twelve week fitness kickstart plan! Don’t worry if you are not there yet though, you will get another reminder to begin this plan when we get to module 7 “Getting Started With Your Fitness”.