Finding Your Balance


Welcome to this first of two practical modules that will help you develop necessary new habits as they relate to nutrition (module 11) and fitness (module 12). The important thing here is to not rush through this module, and simply watch the video and browse the recipe links below. You need to gain some practical experience, and so my challenge to you is to spend at least two weeks cooking all the recipes listed below so that you give yourself the change to develop the new habits needed to achieve balance within your nutrition. I would even encourage you to search in the recipe archives for even more inspiration! Doing this will draw on the mindset work that you have completed in earlier modules, and by the end you will have begun to change the way you think about food and what you put on your plate! And what is great is that you get to eat the delicious end product every time. Perfect!!

The recipe links below are all for my tutorial style recipe videos where I walk you through each dish in detail. For the quicker overhead style videos of other recipes in the archive search under ‘featured recipes‘.

Balanced Breakfast Ideas:

Other Balanced Meals:

The great thing is, you can apply the principles discussed in the Breakfast video to all your meals, whether soups, salads or good old fashioned main dishes. Below are some recipe examples of these for you to check out!

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