Twelve Week Beginners Fitness Kickstart Month 1 Warm Up

Month 1 – Warm Up

There is a detailed Printable Workbook that accompanies month 1 of this ‘Twelve Week Beginners Fitness Kickstart’. It can be downloaded here. Note that this printable is for use with all month 1 video tutorials, with separate workbooks for months 2 and 3.

Welcome to this first video in your second practical module, and the final of the twelve Full Bodied Evolution program modules. Congratulations for getting this far! This is where the fun really begins, as by now you should have all the mindset tools you need for your weight loss journey, along with the necessary tools needed to balance your nutrition correctly. You should have also by now completed the six week beginners walking plan! This means you are in the perfect position to up your workout game and learn a bit about the exercises available to you and how to correctly implement them. By printing out and following the workbooks for this module you will learn how to create a workout regime uniquely for you that fits both your lifestyle and your health goals. If you stick to this for the next twelve weeks you will achieve amazing results, and combined with the mindset and nutrition work completed you will be well on your way to reaching your dream heathy lifestyle goals. Remember though, change takes time, and what we are trying to achieve is a lifestyle change that is based on new habits learnt while on this program. These new habits should by now be forming, but you will need to stick with them for a while longer before they become so ingrained that they are simply second nature! The evolution continues!!