Eating Habits: Making A Change

Eating Habits - Making a Change

I have started to pay attention to my food recently. Whilst my eating habits have never been particularly bad, this past year I have gained a ton of weight since the birth of my son. Many of my healthy habits are still there and I don’t eat a ton of junk but my habits have changed. New ones have crept in. It’s easy to see that my priorities around food have shifted.


Whenever we are looking to get healthier without dieting, it is really important that we assess our current habits so that we can create a roadmap of where to take them next. How can we improve? And where do we even want to improve?


A couple of things stood out for me that have caused a big change to my eating habits over the past year.


  1. I completely stopped cooking. Towards the end of my pregnancy and after the birth of my son, I couldn’t really walk at all. I couldn’t stand on one leg to put trousers on or even climb the stairs. Cooking was uncomfortable. Being on my feet at all was uncomfortable. So I just stopped cooking.
  2. The focus shifted to just eating something, anything that was fast and easy and that I didn’t really have to think about.
  3. I often skipped meals because I would rather not eat than cook! Skipping meals really messed with my blood sugar levels and caused me to make choices later in the day that didn’t support my goals.


So in short, food and time spent on it was not a priority.


Once you take inventory it is really easy to pick out the real problem. You can see exactly where you are and where you need to get to from this point.


If you are looking to take stock of your own eating habits so that you can make healthy changes to your lifestyle then below are three quick tips to get you started:


  1. The more you can take stock of your current eating habits the easier it will be to make small changes over time. Take inventory so you can measure your progress. Which habits do you know you could change? Why do you want to change them? What do you think has caused you to be where you are?
  2. It is so important to try to incorporate any changes slowly and not to change everything at once. These habits don’t arrive overnight and they won’t leave overnight! Some are easier to change than others. Try not to pick all the hardest ones at the same time.
  3. Having patience and self-compassion is the fastest way to succeed. The more negative you get with yourself, the more likely you will be to give up. There is no such thing as a mistake when you are giving up dieting. If you consider you have ‘messed up’ then the important thing is to just acknowledge it happened and move on. Ask yourself what you could do differently next time to change that outcome.


What do you consider to be your ‘worst’ eating habit?


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