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New Diet, New You?

This time of year can bring out the best and worst in us when it comes to our health! If you are anything like I used to be then you are already starting to plan for how ‘good’ you are

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Consistency: Friend or Foe?

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will have often heard me talking about the importance of consistency when you are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. Most of us struggle with it from time to

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5 Mindsets That Kill Your Consistency And How To Shift Them

When it comes to making health changes, consistency is key. Whether it is making small changes to your eating habits or trying to exercise more, it’s the small efforts that add up over time that make all the difference.


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3 Powerful Mindset Shifts For Weight Loss

I used to see food as a reward and exercise as punishment. Since I changed my mindset, everything is so much easier. I used to have ‘cheat’ days and see ‘rest’ days as ‘do nothing days’. Now I just go

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How To Grow Your Self-Belief

Self-belief is one of the most important ingredients that you need in order to successfully get the healthy lifestyle you’ve been craving.


Self-belief is like a muscle. You need to use it or you lose it! The more you

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Have You Given Up Trying To Lose Weight?

One question I often ask my clients is ‘Have you given up trying to lose weight?’


  • Are you stuck in a rut with your weight loss efforts?
  • Are you unsure of what to try next?
  • Are you sick and

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Are You Still Dieting by Mistake?

Questions to ask yourself to find out if you are still dieting by mistake:


  • Do you find yourself restricting food throughout the day?
  • Do you find yourself thinking you are ‘good’ when you pass on the bread-basket?
  • Do you

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How To Get Back On Track With Your Weight Loss

For the most part my return to health is really paying off, I am getting back on track and I am already seeing results. Almost two months in and a lot has changed. I am exercising more and eating better.

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How To Create Your Healthy Blueprint

Introducing healthy habits and changing your approach to food doesn’t have to be difficult or a horrible experience. If done properly it actually can seem like you aren’t doing enough! Especially if you are used to dieting. Whenever people ask

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Are You In A Bad Relationship…With Exercise?

Last week I fell into the same trap everyone seems to fall into when returning to exercise after a long break. How easy it is to re-develop a bad relationship with exercise. The good news is that I can use

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The Chicken And The Egg – Fat Because You Are Miserable Or Miserable Because You Are Fat?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Are you miserable because you’re fat or fat because you’re miserable? This question comes up time and time again and has been a recurring theme in both my own personal struggle with

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10 Signs You’re Dealing With The Emotional Fallout Of Dieting

It’s no secret that dieting goes hand in hand with success and failure. The very nature of the cycle is one of extremes. The absolutes of ‘being allowed’ one food and ‘avoiding’ another altogether are bound to create disharmony of

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How To Like Yourself Enough To Be Healthy

People ask me for tips on nutrition and exercise all the time. Of course! It’s my job! However for those who have been struggling for decades to lose weight and keep it off, the most important thing I wish they

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How To Stay Healthy When Life Gets In The Way

It’s been one of the busiest months ever. In the past few months I have moved not just houses, not just countries but continents among many, many other things! It has been difficult to maintain my usual routines. Workouts have

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Where Did YOUR Diet Cycle Begin?

For many of us who are caught in the diet cycle, by the time we realize it’s a trap, we can’t even figure out where it came from? Diets and dissatisfaction with our body have become a way of life

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