The Full Bodied Evolution Podcast

Welcome to The Full Bodied Evolution Podcast for people who LOVE food and loathe Exercise. This podcast is all about making a life transformation, getting what you want for your health. I want to show you how you can start

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Coronavirus Lockdown: How To Stay Sane And Keep Healthy

Aside from actually catching Coronavirus, there are so many other ways that this is impacting us. I am currently in Spain where we are on Coronavirus lockdown so unless you HAVE to leave the house, you can’t. The impacts

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The Full-Bodied Evolution Is Here!!

The Full-Bodied Evolution is here! It is an amazing community where you can learn everything you need to lose weight and keep it off! I created it because when I was trying to lose weight I wished there was one

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How To Get Into The Fitness Mindset

This week I want to talk about the fitness mindset! It is that time of year when we start to panic about summer. Whatever your relationship with fitness is, spring is a wonderful time for new beginnings. If you are

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Question and Answer Session

Thank you to everyone who commented or sent me a question relating to last weeks blog on exercise! It was so great to hear your comments and feedback! I love answering your questions so please keep them coming! Here is

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Are You In A Bad Relationship…With Exercise?

Last week I fell into the same trap everyone seems to fall into when returning to exercise after a long break. How easy it is to re-develop a bad relationship with exercise. The good news is that I can use

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How To Just DO IT!

Do you struggle to workout? Do you consider yourself ‘allergic’ to exercise? Do you find it nigh on impossible to actually get on a do it? If this sounds like you and you are trying to lose weight using diet

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Why Do Resistance Training?

I know, I know. For many, this is not a new thing and we assume everyone knows about it by now. But many, many people, especially those just starting to exercise for the first time are not aware of the

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How To Move It!

Convinced you hate exercise? It hurts every time you even think about it? You’d rather drive to the shop than walk even though its 2 minutes away? I hear you. This is how I used to feel. I would start

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